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Gold Field Lake Resort

3* Category 20 Rooms 1200 -1100- Check in/out

Welcome to our whole new world of leisure sailing and luxury living at Goldfield Lake Resort and Yacht Club, Kumarakom, Kerala. Managed and Marketed by The White Lotus Hospitality, the property is owned by Goldfield Resorts. It is a first of its kind RCI- affiliated resort in India offering Indian holiday goers an opportunity to indulge in a coveted lifestyle activity – YACHTING.

Located on the largest of the backwater lakes in Kerala, the Vembanad Lake, that stretches from the Hamlet of Kumarakom in Central Kerala to its rice bowl Allapuzha, “Goldfield Lake Resort and Yacht Club” offers serenity and tranquility in a picture-perfect setting with an exciting lifestyle and luxury activity that is just catching up in India.

Goldfield Lake Resort and Yacht club hugs the shores of Lake Vembanad. Swaying coconut palms casts cool shadows over the twin-storied dwelling units all of which offer stunning views of the backwaters and let in cool fragrant breeze that endlessly cares the shore of the Lake Vembanad. The architecture showcases the traditional style of Kerala with sloping tiled roofs supported by pillars and verandas, archetypal to Keralan homesteads of yesteryears and complimented by landscaped gardens typical to large joint family households that once ruled these lands.

There is a swimmimg pool right on the lake’s edge exuding a feeling of being afloat on the lake rather than in a pool. With large open spaces and strategically slung hammocks around, this sprawling Resort is well-equipped with 20 rooms in form of Deluxe Rooms, Villas and Suites.

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