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Kerala Houseboats (Riceboats) or Kettuvallam are country boats that were used in the early days for the transport of goods from the isolated interior villages of Kerala Backwater area to the towns. With the advent of roads, bridges and ferry services, gradually the Kettuvalloms went off the scene. Now these Kettuvalloms are back again as a major tourist attraction as a modern moving boat house that is Kerala houseboats. The materials that go into the making are all local and Eco friendly bamboo poles, coconut fiber ropes, bamboo mats, coir carpets etc. The main wood used is "Anjili".
Kerala house boats have fully furnished One, Two, Three and Five bedrooms with sundeck, private balcony with comfortable chairs, kitchen and attached bathroom. In addition there is also separate rest room

Houseboats in Kerala have a three member crew - a chef, driver & cabin assistants. The cuisine is traditional Kerala flavor with the local specialties; delicious local fish. There are single bedroom houseboats for two people and two bedroom houseboats for four people .and 3 bedroom houseboat for 6 , and 5 bedroom houseboat for 10 People.

A cruise along the palm-fringed waterways of Kerala in a luxury houseboat is the most enchanting holiday experience in India today. A guided tour down the backwaters would provide you with a complete and most enchanting experience on the back waters of Kerala and will also reveal to you some interesting facts about the life of local village people. For you, as a visitor to Kerala it can be incredibly different experience just floating in backwaters in a country craft and absorbing unusual representation.

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