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The Silver Tips Hotel

4* Category 59 Rooms 1200 -1100- Check in/out

The Silver Tips is a premium hotel nestled in the picture perfect foothills of Munnar. What makes it a class apart from the other premium hotels is the main theme Classic Movies.

Simply put it is an architectural marvel inspired from the contemporary style. The façade is impressive and reflects classiness. The bedrooms, the lounge Mughal-e-Azam, the Indian and multi-cuisine restaurant Mayabazar, and the coffee shop Sound of Music, complement the architectural style.

It has 48 executive rooms and 2 suites. Every room has a theme taken from a popular movie from the international or Indian arena. It is reflected in the décor through the props used in the sets. The barn doors are something that will take you to a different world, the glamorous world of movies.

In fact, it gives you an opportunity to live larger than life. Impressive and tastefully appointed designs make the lounge Mughal-e-Azam a class apart. The Persian inspired décor is sure to take you to the era of the great classics.

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