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Spice Tree Resort

5* Boutique 14 Rooms 1200 -1200- Check in/out

Nestled among the most pristine mountain ranges of Kanan Devan and Bison Valley Hills, Munnar, the charming chalets of Spice Tree offer the perfect tranquillity for a genuine `mountain retreat’ with incredible views of the verdant valleys below. Here, you will feel a positive transformation and a well- being that cannot be described in words. Your inner voice will keep reminding you how invaluable peace of mind can be. Your memory bank will absorb images that will remain with you for the rest of your life. The constant cool and fresh breeze comes blended with the scent of wild forest flowers and the spicy mist adorned aroma of leaves and bark. You will begin to feel a spontaneous and inseparable oneness with the elements of nature which evokes a spirituality that you may not have experienced before.

If you are contemplating such a unique holiday experience that could overhaul your body and mind, Spice Tree welcomes you, with warmth. For those looking for a honeymoon getaway, our chalets have the ideal romantic ambience for an unforgettable and thrilling experience. Besides, you will appreciate the privacy and the total security.

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